About Us

In Montana for the past 28 years, the Coyote Roadhouse has been offering it's creative cuisine in cooking and pottery. All of our recipes in food and glazes are personally created by Gary Hastings. Each piece of porcelain is hand crafted and a work of art. The unique glazes move and interact differently under each firing, therefore creating a mood for each piece. Most importantly, our pottery is free of lead and other chemical additives. We will be updating and creating new designs for your continued pleasure, so please check on our web site often for the latest creations. Hope to see you soon. You may also view our other website Coyote Roadhouse Inn.

Capturing the ancient oriental art of porcelain with its distinct colors and beauty, the Coyote Utsuwa for Ikebana proves to be the perfect gift any time of the year. The secret of the Ikebana's ability to keep your flowers living longer and looking fresher lies inside with the kenzan or frog pin.

The stems of your flowers are pierced with the prongs of the kenzan which secures and enables the water inside the utsuwa to travel to the blossoms of your flowers and maintain their beauty and aroma up to three weeks.

Simple cleaning will preserve each Ikebana. Begin by adding one teaspoon of vinegar to the Utsuwa, then rinse it out, fill with clean water, and display your Ikebana. You can also add one drop of bleach (from an eye dropper) when filling the utsuwa with water. The bleach helps clean the vessel without harming your flowers.